The Ascendant and Midheaven

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Well, it's a momentous time: full moon and equinox. I know there are people of different belief systems and varying levels of skepticism subscribing to these posts so perhaps I could preface this one with some explanations of astrology. I do not want to take a defensive position because that does not seem necessary to me, but one early influence on my thinking described astrology as the science of manifestation in time. There is a lot of profundity sandwiched in half a sentence. Though we could elaborate upon the definition and perhaps also enhance it, we cannot do this in five words.

In previous posts, I have noted that all our measurements of time are planetary: the day, the month, the year, and even greater cycles such as the precession of the equinoxes. I have also tried to explain that time is a third dimensional phenomenon. Moreover, even though this takes considerable reflection to understand, events are incidents in time and do not occur outside of the parameters of time and space. This is an immense subject and while some already understand it, others might have to devote some effort to the study before grasping the significance.

Over a narrow span of observation, time appears linear but this would be the equivalent of looking at the Earth as flat. In reality, time is spiral, not circular and not even exactly cyclical except on a scale where the section of the spiral observed is small. None of this requires immediate comprehension if one is willing to accept, at least for the moment, that nothing comes into manifestation except when the time supports the eventuality. Why it comes into manifestation is a mystery, but I believe this occurs because of the Will of the Creator and prompting of the soul. However, even this stimulation has to be calibrated in order to appear in this dimension.

By referencing visitors and the unidentified flying objects that appear and disappear, I am alluding to the existence of organized living entities that are able to project into the third dimension and apparently sustain the projection through volition but who either cannot sustain the manifestation or who feel no need to do so once they have manifested what they elected to manifest. An explanation I have offered my students in years past was that in terms of third dimensional existence, the ideal form is one that is resilient enough to endure the reality of the third dimension and yet sensitive enough to remain responsive to divine impulse. Anyone who mastered this would be creative and harmonious.

Pause for a moment and recall Morrnah and her crystal bells. She said they were fragile and therefore did not lend themselves to packing into her luggage. So, she manifested them when she wanted them and let them dematerialize when she didn't need them. I never saw the crystals but I saw her manifest other phenomena that were simply beyond my imagination at the time.

Now, hit play again!

Let us suppose for a moment that everyone is actually creative and harmonious but perhaps not skilled in the intricacies of the third dimension. We would expect their efforts to be inspired but somewhat feeble and therefore unsustainable. If one chooses to compensate by building up resilience, this could become a habit in its own right and persist at the expense of sensitivity and responsiveness. The person would cease to be soul-inspired and the moment that happens, the person would also cease to be purposeful, at least not purposeful in the divine sense.

Now, I have to cut the guy wires and free float for a moment because the way I learn things is nearly always subjective and then I spend hours, months, and even decades trying to figure out how to anchor my understanding in plain terms. When I was a child, I saw people arriving on waves. I actually literally saw something like a wavy graph and anyone who came into my presence first appeared in a relationship to that graph which also had a calendrical scale, not printed on it, but somewhere in my mind, I knew the graph correlated to time. I would then tell the person, usually one of my parents' guests, his or her birthday and then ask to see to the driver's license. I did this for years until missing by one day and feeling completely devastated. Now, of course, I realize that the person could have been born close to midnight, even with daylight savings time, but I just hated to make mistakes so I stopped doing this.

However, the point still exists that everyone more or less rode a wave and it was even more complicated than that. I started, around age three actually, collecting information to build horoscopes based on attributes I observed. Obviously, it took a long time to erect a chart when one had to wait for someone to say or do something before the clues presented. I was thirty when I saw my first ephemeris and believe it or not, it was when visiting my aerospace father. He was at work and I was plowing through his library. One day he said, "I suppose you will be leaving soon?" I asked what prompted him to say that. He said, "You have used up all the scratch paper in the house." He wanted to know what I had been studying so feverishly. I told him he had an ephemeris and it made calculating charts really easy since he had left a slide rule in plain sight. He wanted to know how I had managed before finding these handy shortcuts. I showed him but as I did so, it reminded me of an incident in high school. I missed the day they covered the Pythagorean theorem. Foolishly thinking I could get a short answer from my father, I asked him the formula instead of opening the book. He took me to the garage to build models and asked me to figure it out. I still had a bit of fever and wanted to know the formula and told him I'd explain it later. He insisted that I start from scratch and not rely on deductive logic but learn to trust myself. Well, some hours later, I had the proof, but my teacher said I had skipped steps. I asked him to show me exactly where I had skipped steps. I hadn't skipped any, but the point is not whether something or other was missing but whether someone can observe and draw conclusions from his or her own observations. I reserved this prerogative for myself.

Among the many books I had scoured was something called a "table of houses" and for those who are clueless about astrology, before the advent of computers, astrologers had to be very good mathematicians or they were doomed. There are two critical points calculated in every horoscope: the rising sign, the point on the Eastern horizon that was ascending at the precise moment of birth, and the midheaven, the point overhead at birth. Unless one was there at the birth and made proper astronomical observations, these points are determined after the fact by very time consuming computations or by reference to tables of houses. The difference in the lives of twins is attributed to the differences of these two points in the chart. There is absolutely no way to memorize these tables of houses because they are constructed for every degree of latitude, south and north of the equator, and then interpolated for the exact minutes and seconds between the whole degrees of latitude. Okay, 90% or more readers are lost now so let's keep moving on because what is important is that the soul is believed to enter the body from the East so the motivation for incarnating is shown by what is in the East, but this motivation has a partnership with destiny so the midheaven reveals the way the soul plans to act out its destiny. Unlike sun signs or even lunar signs, these two points are very specific to the exact time of birth and the ascendant is sensitive to the latitude.

I had figured out my rising sign independently because I simply knew something, but my father left the room and returned with a copy of my horoscope that he had been using. I asked him how he knew the time of birth. He said he was there when I was born. I was shocked because my mother alleged that he hadn't been there. He said he had seen them whack me on the buns and then someone tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Sorry, sir, but it's 8:30 and visiting hours are over." He had done a chart for 8:25 and I had done one for 8:29 and this indeed was the time we eventually found on the birth certificate. This is the message here: if you know yourself, you can figure this out yourself. If you don't know yourself or don't trust yourself, you can deduce it from the available information about your birth and the interpretation given to this by an astrologer, hopefully a really competent one.


One day, I found myself in outer space, whizzing incredibly fast past Cassiopeia and other constellations and then seeing the Earth spinning on its axis and realizing I was moving way, way too fast and was about to come down in San Francisco when my body was in Hawaii. Applying the brakes was difficult and when I found my body, I was unable to make it move for six hours. It felt like lead and wouldn't budge. So, I was stuck in just my memory with nothing to do but draw a careful map (in my mind) of everything I had seen while flying about. The moment I could move again, I drew it out and then went for astronomy books to figure out where I had been. Clearly, there was no one with whom I felt I could discuss this, but years later, I met Isabel Hickey and she apparently saw something in my aura and felt to comment upon it. For most people, this would be the equivalent of the day a patient in a mental hospital could have a coherent conversation with the psychiatrist that might lead to eventual permission to leave the hospital. It did not, however, happen all at once, but Izzie demonstrated some techniques that enabled me to facilitate out of body experiences for others. Later, Thinley Norbu Rinpoche told me something that also helped me to understand why I had these experiences. Morrnah had yet to appear in my life.

Here we are now, 38 years later and I am finally talking. This is because facilitating recall for others has shown very consistent results. People came to Earth on a wave, usually with others from the same place, and they settled here, for a purpose, at a particular time with a destiny that would take a long time to unfold. There are countless people doing various forms of regression analysis, under hypnosis or using guided imagery or whatever, but if they do not elicit the information, it will not move from the unconscious to the conscious realm. Some of the people involved with extraterrestrial contacts have identified origins and mixed personality patterns due to genetic combining, and the truth is that a surprising amount of that material is absolutely consistent with what I have elicited from my students and clients. Ultimately, everyone has been able to see why they came here and where they were before coming here. My personal belief is that we all came here to prepare for what is about to unfold so it is time for more and more people to acknowledge the validity of what they know to be true and to start grounding that information in a manner that gives it credence in the here and now.

Obviously, my mind has many facets, the facetious that says, "None of us were born to drag groceries over barcoders" but the serious one that says we have been preparing to fulfill our purposes, one of which is clearly to bring the Earth into conscious relationship with other planets but also to liberate humanity from a dysfunctional belief in the hiatus between spirit and matter. The moment this schism is healed, we will all have immortality but because of the gravity of the separation in our present reality, we have to rely basically on the hundredth monkey phenomenon. As more and more people align, the others will find it easier . . . and easier . . . and easier. We have lots of help for this mission but we also have distractions.

The Calculations

Don't worry, almost no one can follow these instructions, but reading them will not hurt anyone. If you do not know your time of birth, you might be able to access the information through creative visualization. All horoscopes have a rising sign and some people have planets near the ascendant and some (like me) do not. Some people might be from a planet near the ascendant and others from the zodiacal sign that is rising and others from a point in that direction but further beyond the zodiacal belt. There are no textbooks that explain this and the few books that do exist do not address this issue and the degrees given for stars are almost always incorrect. I will give a couple of quick examples. Polaris, the pole star, is usually listed as being at 28 Gemini but even if you have 28 Gemini rising, Polaris never rises and it will never be seen at all in the southern hemisphere. It is always overhead in the northern hemisphere. For the record, my references give it as 2 Taurus. Likewise, the apparent position of Alpha Centauri varies according to hemisphere and latitude. In some places, it can never be seen, in others it is never overhead and so on and so forth. Unless you know astronomy very well, finding the stars to your east at birth is not a do-it-yourself project.

So, that is problem #1 and the problem #2 is slightly related. Depending on how far the star is from the ecliptic, the position normally given for it may or may not be true for the ascendant. It will be true for the midheaven. Let me give two more examples. Regulus, which is close to the ecliptic, is always more or less on the cusp of Leo and Virgo (using the tropical zodiac). Arcturus is 6 Scorpio on the midheaven and depending on the latitude anywhere from 28 Virgo (60 north) to 6 Scorpio (Equator).

It may be less important to know where one is from than why one left and why one came to Earth. There are some interesting myths around migration. The Dogon in Africa say they came from Sirius B and the Cherokee believe they came from the Pleiades. For me, this makes sense. I believe groups of twin souls came from Sirius to Egypt a long time ago and they have since dispersed and multiplied but it is as logical to me to speak of a Pleiadian or Sirian ethnicity as it is to search for one's Native American or Egyptian past lives or heritage. Those who remain in community may sustain their traditions better, but others reconnect spiritually and this is happening on an immense scale at this time.

Closing Thoughts

Obviously, not many of you are immediately going to be able to figure out where you came from and why so perhaps all I have succeeded in doing here is advancing a question that deserves an answer. Students have described their discoveries as the most important events in their lives, the reason being that why we were born and why we are here is, in fact, the most important information we need about ourselves. Everything else is a matter of learning, adjusting, fitting in, enjoying, overcoming, etc., etc., etc. but fulfilling destiny has no equal. Obviously, one can find purpose without knowing specific details, but I am encouraging the quest for details since some of us are soon to enter into conscious relationship with brothers and sisters from other places, including our original homes.

I want to leave one more consideration. If you ask an American about his or her heritage, you often hear something to the effect of half this and one quarter that and one eighth this and the other eighth that. I would like to compound this by adding several more dimensions to this equation. Each of the forebears might also have some mixed blood, like my Swedish side includes some Walloons; but each ancestor also contributed something from his or her extraterrestrial treasures so even if someone is a quarter Cherokee and has a Pleiadean strain, there are other strains as well the soul's own true home. This adds up to countless influences and therefore also interests.

Now, if we came here in groups, it is possible some will leave in groups. I'm a risk taker and would like to imagine this will happen soon. Moreover, for those who look around and only see doom and gloom, this is, in fact, one way to solve what some see as overpopulation. I personally don't believe we are overpopulated; I believe we are undereducated in living properly on this planet, but if some want to go somewhere else, that's fine with me. It could be a great adventure or reward or learning curve or reunion. So, just as we arrived here with private understandings of our purposes, we are entitled at this crucial moment to differences in viewpoints about what is around the corner . . . and why.

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