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Dear Subscribers,

Long ago, I was in Honolulu where I met Thinley Norbu Rinpoche who was very excited to learn that I am an astrologer. He asked me when the next eclipses would happen, and I told him I would be happy to oblige, especially if he told me why he was interested in them. He said, eclipses intensify the effect of whatever you do so he wanted to schedule meditations at these times.

We are between two eclipses now, with a highly interesting solar eclipse coming up this weekend. What is fascinating for me is that the point of greatest "black out" is right where Drunvalo Melchizidek did the ceremonies in the South Pacific, basically Easter Island and diminishing towards Chile and Argentina. For a map, you can look here:

or the interactive map:,_2010

Numerologists will probably find the 7/11 date worthy of attention.

If you missed Drunvalo's video, you might be encouraged now to take a look:

Eclipses have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. The astrological rule has been that the effects of solar eclipses last as many years as the eclipse lasts in hours, i.e. about 4-5 years for this one. The effects are also thought to be stronger in places where the eclipse is visible. They also effect people in high positions more than ordinary people. Of course, they also have more impact if triggering something in the natal horoscope. There is one more rule that is often overlooked and it is that people who, like myself, were born between eclipses, are ever so much more sensitive to them.

So, for mere mortals such as ourselves, go back 19 years to find a similar eclipse, then 38 years, and then 57 years: 1991, 1972, and 1953. There are many types of eclipse cycles, but the 19-year one is easy to explain and to calculate since it occurs more or less on the same date every 19 years. The place where the eclipse is visible is different as are the positions of the other planets so don't lay a trip on yourself. In a normal life span, we survive a few hundred eclipses (solar and lunar) but this one seems especially important.

There is another cycle called the Saros cycle, very hard to explain to the uninitiated but those who need to understand it can surf the web. Let's just keep it simple and say eclipses belong to families and this eclipse is part of the Saros 146 cycle which began in 1541. I really don't want to take up your time or mine explaining the computations behind a Saros cycle but they are 6585 days long and the upcoming eclipse is the 27th in this particular "family".

I have Jupiter in Cancer and though I hated history in school, I have loved it since getting out of the boxes where they trap people. You might say that history is always written by victors and through the eyes and political motivations of the authors and their patrons. I have learned much more through past life regressions than textbooks. Okay, stay focused.

I have an enormous book with dates in history but it isn't here so I tried to see what I could find online and three events jumped out at me:

  1. Hernando de Soto reached the Mississippi River and named it Río de Espíritu Santo
  2. Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I sealed off the Golden Gate in Jerusalem to prevent the return of the Messiah (Ezekiel 44:1–3)
  3. Gerardus Mercator made his first globe

Really, interpretation of the significance of these events and their possible parallels to the present need to be made by you as individuals but I am nevertheless tempted to trigger your thinking with a few random hits of my own.

Obviously, events do not repeat but patterns do. Time, as I have said, is neither linear nor circular but rather spiral. It might even be more complicated than this, but that is another subject. The issue now is energetic parallels.

De Soto

De Soto died in his mid-40s on the banks of the Mississippi in 1542. He was an explorer and Conquistador who was notorious for his brutality. Try to keep in mind the times: the Moors had been driven out of Spain and Portugal, the Inquisition was extremely powerful, and ambitious men were seeking fame and fortune by searching for an alternate route to India. Later, his assignment changed. He was to conquer North America, a mission presumed to be possible within four years. If you are intrigued, you should look at the map of his conquests.

Suleiman I

Suleiman I was the longest ruling sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Excerpting one deed from his long reign may not do justice to the sultan as a ruler, but it is sufficient for "eclipse" purposes. In addition to sealing the gates, sacred to both Christians and Jews, he built a cemetery in front of the gates.


We are still using Mercator projections in school but really, I want to take great liberties here and suggest that believing the Earth is flat and that moving too far any direction will result in a catastrophe, as in falling off the edge of the Earth, was a hugely limiting concept, but more importantly, good maps improved navigation and eventually discovery.

Saros Cycle 146

To study this cycle properly, we should go through all 26 previous eclipses, but fun as this would be, I can't justify the time it would take. My purpose is simply to act as a catalyst to your own observational powers by adding a nudge to take more notes!

However, it is more than obvious that some themes are up for repetition. The most interesting for me is Mercator because I believe we are in a very serious situation and our horizons need to expand to show us new frontiers, hopefully introducing us to our Galactic brothers and soliciting a relationship that would guide us to the required solutions for the problems we face.

I have been posting about "disclosure" for years because I have had visions since childhood of exactly this time on Earth. Today, I was tossing around some ideas to see if they would bounce differently and perhaps shed some light on what we are facing. In one of the visions, I saw vast numbers of space ships on Antares, already outfitted and loaded and ready to rescue Earth. Today I was thinking that Antares is on the 7th house cusp of the horoscope of the United States. There would be those who viewed a 7th house relationship as unwelcome but actually, this is the house of partnership . . . and we need to partner with the right partners!

There is a lot to consider, but I want you to think and reflect.

I will write more over the weekend.

Many blessings,




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