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Posted to Subscribers on 12 June 2010


Dear Subscribers,

It's been quite some time since I wrote anything astrological, but Gail and I were talking last night and one thing led to another and I felt an essay gestating.

We have some interesting configurations well worth understanding. First of all, a few days ago, early in the morning June 6th my time and therefore a few hours later in Greenwich, Jupiter entered tropical Aries to join Uranus Who had moved into Aries on May 28th.

For those who do not have instinctual reactions to what this means, I would propose rewinding to the winter solstice when Jupiter, the guru-philosopher, was conjunct Neptune at 24 Aquarius 17. For me, Neptune and Uranus are the true rulers of the right and left hemispheres of the brain but their position is blurred by various personal filters, called conditioned consciousness by Patanjali, one of the siddhars and author of the Yoga Sutras. If consciousness were not conditioned, we would see things as they are rather than as they appear to be so having the most beneficent planet conjuncting Neptune at the highly auspicious winter solstice and then joining innovative and iconoclastic Uranus at the zero point of the Western Zodiac, seems more than worthy of a little contemplation.

In my humble estimation, we would be on the verge of stunning new technological advances were it not for Saturn, the nemesis of both Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn represents the status quo, authority and the vested interests of those who wield authority. Since summer 2009, Saturn and Uranus have been opposed. They are not friendly at all to each other, but ultimately, Uranus prevails though initially this is not the case. The opposition was exact in mid-September and in late October, Saturn went into Libra where it is exalted. Then, it retrograded in mid-January, and went back into Virgo around April 7th. It was still opposite Uranus and the opposition became more exact right around the time of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. I am not for an instant attributing the explosion to this opposition except to the extent that Saturn rules safety and precautions and being retrograde and opposite Uranus, the big wigs at BP and Halliburton would have been well advised to consult the ephemeris before taking risks.

Now, I will take a moment to apologize for astrological language but we needed to have some actors on stage and to define their roles. I will try to limit my use of such terms so that the deeper message flows better; but I want to mention for those who are following that the opposition at the time of the explosion was between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces (with Jupiter very much in orb but still in Pisces.) When Kevin Costner testified on Capitol Hill, he described a Catch 22 that explains the problem in the most tactful manner possible: his device cannot be used because it does not have the proper bureaucratic approval.

I want to say that this was the first of several shifts in the balance of power. True to everything associated with Uranus, there was immense publicity and our Hollywood hero made a big splash. The Wall Street Journal covered him:


Then, BP bought the machines:


Then, just a few minutes ago, the Coast Guard gave BP 48 hours to improve its containment plan:


I will put my reputation at stake by saying that this is happening despite the opposition because Saturn is at the moment weaker than Jupiter/Uranus.

However, more importantly — and this really is important — we are, in a sense, at the very beginning, zero degrees Aries, of an entirely new technological cycle. However, lest you think the ride is going to better from here on out, I have some bad news and some good. Uranus retrogrades and Saturn goes back in Libra where He is joined by Mars. This begins right as the Sun enters Leo and there is a temporary shift of power back to the conservatives and bureaucrats and status quo. You can tell which side I have taken.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct again in late Pisces in September; both are retrograde when this occurs. The blame game ought to be in full swing. They conjunct yet one more time in Pisces, this time both direct, in early January. Jupiter finally goes back into Aries when the Sun enters Aquarius and Uranus begins an 84-year cycle in March. Whew!

To play by the rules, we need to look back to estimate the impact of these energies. Uranus orbits take 84 years and Jupiter orbits are 12 years and they were both in early Aries in 1927. If it is true that we are doomed to repeat history if we do not learn from it, I believe we need to step up to plate now be heard.

Uranus and Neptune

Over the last several days, I watched a few online videos. Lest you think I spend hours every day on youtube, this is not at all the case. I don't have a television and do not subscribe to any newspapers. I only listen to the classical music station on the radio where there is no news on anything other than cultural events. These are my ways of filtering out not just mass media propaganda but also endless barrages on my vibration about all the horrible events we call news. I am not shutting out information on earthquakes and oil leaks, just choosing to retain some semblance of balance by avoiding those wretched anchors who talk at people in vocal ranges that are jarring. For me, the Universe is perfect but our free will allows us to experiment with mind and ego and pay the costs for our folly. We can restore perfection the moment we decide to be in harmony but to get there, we might have to surrender some human idiosyncrasies.

Anyway, I watched Drunvalo Melchizedek.

I had never seen him, only read his writings years ago when paralyzed by spider bites. Before you assume anything at all, I just want to say that he presents a perspective; and since I try to keep an open mind, I would like to understand his research and purpose. I found him very appealing so what is relevant to the very specific issue I would like to seed in your psyche is the concept that what we know or think we know is often as not imparted to us by someone else: parents, teachers, preachers, media, etc., etc. I believe we only actually "know" what we have seen and experienced with our own eyes, ears, heart, and souls. Everything else is a Xerox of someone else's thoughts but to the extent that we accept those thoughts as valid, we are using them to see and understand the world. As I have been saying for a couple of years now, when I dismantled my satellite dish, my world improved dramatically because what entered my personal space was much more relevant, not all wonderful or perfect but not Xeroxed.

If you take anything at all, an object as simple as a blank piece or paper or a nursery rhyme or as complicated as science, we immediately understand that countless vibrations of our daily lives are nothing more than imitations of something we heard or saw or learned from someone else. Unless that someone else is entirely credible, the information blurs our understanding instead of enhancing it. The term I have used for this in my lectures is "miasm" because the fog distorts and even obscures reality. However, we accept this miasm as real, often on an alarming global scale. An excellent example of this is global warming. The concept went viral and then the science was faulted, but who among us knows with certainty what is actually happening? Take any fashion in thought, like vaccines protect you from dangerous infections or a balanced diet consists of four food groups and you begin to see how we are programmed not to understand through our own experience. If a child does not want to be vaccinated and cries, he is treated as a coward, not someone who intuits risk associated with a vaccine. If he refuses to eat something, he gets a lecture about Popeye or hungry children somewhere else in the world. We are guilt-tripped into accepting the party line. This is conditioning and it serves the status quo. You surrender your own thoughts and feelings and conform to the norm for which there are often huge rewards, but you devote yourself to propping up mainstream madness.

The reality is that this mainstream madness just goes on and on because it intrudes into our private lives where we have guilt reactions to perfectly normal instincts such as wanting to take a nap after eating. Laziness is not respected by a corporate-run machine that thrives on productivity so we must be bad not to be slaving for the machine. We have guilt about extra pounds or sexual fantasies or doubts about religious dogma and on and on and on. What David Icke has been saying lately is that we can take the film off the projector and run a different film. What Drunvalo seemed to be saying is that we had higher consciousness and lost it but recovery is now inevitable.

For reasons of my own, I agree with both of them, perhaps not in absolutely every detail, but there are enough people waking up that the hundredth monkey effect will kick in.

So, I take the astrological significance of Jupiter conjuncting Neptune and then Uranus as hugely significant, but obviously more significant for those who are ready to awaken or to change the film in the projector. Moreover, I agree that for those who are able to accept this gift of seeing with the third eye, the world will start to look more promising. Basically, we are meant to be very psychically sensitive and aware of our own soul purposes. Though a very good psychic may be able to help us to recover this information about self, I never met a teacher or preacher who addressed the single most important subject of our existence. This awareness moves on the Neptunian frequency of the right brain — once the miasm is dissolved. Then, the information is intended to be made practical by the left brain and this is where Uranus comes into the picture. Once we realize that the most practical relationship we can have to life is the one determined by our own souls, the outer controls fail. We are free. Of course, we have to reorganize and the fear of change slows down many people, but when we know what is right for ourselves, we will do what is right.

On a societal scale, we see the same energies but in a somewhat different form. For the most part, reality has actually been a global conspiracy to impose dogma and doctrine on people who have forfeited the right to use their own minds in their own ways. Now, however, an enormous number of people are going to be seeing and interpreting and understanding without reference to the films being played. They will begin to see things as they are and as they should be. However, I would like to return to the point made earlier: the Jupiter conjunction to Neptune occurred on the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, suggesting to me that our starting point was very dim and the effort required to see clearly will not reach fruition quickly but rather gradually. This said, the spark was ignited and now many will begin to see clearly. Then, the innovative and practical Uranian skills will be applied to reinventing more harmoniously. You might say, I am cautiously optimistic.





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