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Dear Subscribers,

It's still Sunday here in the Pacific Northwest, but I don't seem to be in a Sunday mood. We have been experiencing day after day of record lows, but ironically the sky is dripping less so it doesn't seem quite as dark. I know I am a child of the skies when I watch where the sun is and wait for its journey northward, just a few more days to be patient.

Today is Lucia Day, something celebrated mainly in Sweden but somewhat throughout Scandinavia. As a child, I never got tired of asking my mother to tell me the story again and again. I was always sure she was omitting something important and I never understood why Lucia was canonized, but I like the idea that there is a day set aside for opening a season of hospitality so from today through January 6th, I will honor these childhood memories by putting a little something extra in every outgoing order.

My mother was ostensibly Lutheran but she raised me on Viking mythology and Chinese philosophy, always throwing in a dab of this or that from some other culture as it pleased her. She was a perfect hostess so it's hard not to think of her on days like today, but it is also the birthday of a friend and we had a nice gathering to pay tribute to him tonight. In short, this will not be one of those long essays that makes you think, but off and on today, there was a theme going through my mind and I might as well take a risk and talk about it.

Since, as I have been saying, memory works by the power of association, I was listening to the Metropolitan Opera broadcast yesterday. I especially like the intermission quizzes with the expert panelists which yesterday included two from this neck of the woods. I like to pit my wits against the experts and had an easy time with yesterday's quiz questions which included among other things strange stage effects. I immediately recognized the guillotine from Dialogue of the Carmelites but it triggered an avalanche which includes one rather amusing aside.

Many years ago, I quipped that men who have lunar or sometimes even Venus aspects to Uranus will never be happy until they meet Scheherazade. In the world in which we live, behavior that does not conform perfectly to society's norm has to have a name. Of course, we have Oedipus and other complexes but Narcissism is a personality disorder, not a complex. Usually, we do name these behaviors after mythological beings, not the doctors who "discover" Fallopian tubes or Freudian slips. So, I took the liberty of referring to this astrological affliction as the Scheherazade Complex.

I had invariably, of course, only used this in reference to men until one day I asked how the same pattern would manifest in a woman's chart, and it is, of course, absolutely no surprise that it is also a Scheherazade Complex. You can think about it.

In the meantime, this is the season when light triumphs over darkness and our lighting of candles, singing, and celebrating are all meant to remind us of the divinity that is inherent in all Life. I love to think about this and have been more anxious than usual this year for the victory. However, it is tempting to look back and see what all happened since the last victory celebration and what, if anything, is different about our Planet today. As always, I am sure each person will have a slightly different answer to this question, but I think countless millions of people have come to realize that they cannot trust the leaders and they must begin to think and act independently. The scale on which the crimes have been committed is practically unprecedented but so is the awakening. Next, we will have to have community renewal and this will also be remarkable because renewal has seldom occurred against a background with such a gigantic database. We truly have immense options.

For me personally, this was the year of animal communication, of conscious gardening, and perhaps also of assessing the ramifications of cutting edge thought on our future. Countless people are currently intellectually and spiritually equipped to create a world that is in perfect harmony with Divine Intent. I am seeing an acceleration in this arena that is without parallel in any historic period because all science and mysticism used to function within much narrower fields of reference. Now, the boundaries are moving out, really far out. I think the world of formal science is crumbling, not because of climategate or any other gate but because so many people are not inside the fenced area at all. For the moment, I am only going to give one example of this, but there are countless other examples.

The Moon, according to some, is a satellite of some type. I am certain most of us were taught to believe it is a natural body and that it is within the gravitational field of the Earth but exerts some kind of effect on Earth. Whether or not astronauts set foot on the Moon is not for me to say because there are countless opinions about this and I am not in a position to evaluate the merits of the arguments much less the alleged insider information. However, if you consider the recent lunar event as a non-event, meaning that the promised pictures were beyond boring, then we seek an explanation. That explanation will take you on another journey where you have to plow through countless theories. Among these, you will find "proof" that the Moon is actually artificial, not natural; that it is a base for a civilization more technologically advanced than ours; that treaties exist between our governments and theirs; that countless Galactic missions are enforcing the agreements signed by our governments with these beings . . . In short, you will not be bored, but you will be challenged to draw your own conclusions and if you are anything like me, you will put aside what you thought you knew and wait for something definitive before filling the empty space with a half-baked theory.

If you keep following the threads and moving from one idea to another, you will find yourself in a completely different reality, one in which you realize your former skills are too feeble to be useful so you will want some new information and tools. Things are going to move very, very fast.

Back in the 80s, I was talking to a three-year old and happened to say that when I was born, there were no televisions. He looked at me incredulously, and said, "You got to be kidding." I thought that was a mouthful for him but it is really easy to see how the children today are going to view what we more or less took for granted until a few months ago. It's going to be an exciting ride.

In the meantime, I am thinking that very few of you are reading long emails at the moment, but there is never a day that goes by that I am not called to remember that many people are suffering and many are faced with truly challenging issues. It is hard to know what to say because we always bring our own skill sets to the issue at hand. When I don't know what to do, my tendency is to do absolutely nothing. However, I realize that for many others, this requires an act of faith since many people are used to solving problems through action. I am used to solving them by expanding my understanding so if my understanding does not include what I need to know, I wait for the illumination to occur. I never feel that I am twiddling my thumbs. I am actively invoking insight and guidance and I truly do recommend this response to crises even if it seems inadequate. You have all the answers you yourself require because there is, in fact, nothing new, just horizons that keep moving further and further out.

With this thought, I wish you all a safe and sensitive and meaningful holiday season.




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