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I am going to try to rearrange the lists so that those who are not interested in politics or at least not interested in American politics can subscribe specifically to the lists they want.  In the meantime, I would recommend that you read something Deepak Chopra has published on Gov. Sarah Palin:

Before polarizing, I would simply like to say that I found his comments interesting.  Keep in mind that just because I suggest reading something doesn't mean I agree.  My own preference, as you know, has always been for Ron Paul and the other candidates really have not convinced me that they understand what the problems are . . . and if they refuse to identify the problems, they will never solve the underlying causes of the problems.

I started looking for some information to substantiate certain statements and would really urge people to see the true price of conflict, from every angle.  I am concerned with the karma we create and how long it will take to resolve the imbalances that are set in motion.  I personally do not believe that willingness to enter into discussion is a sign of weakness or that being a decider is indicative of leadership.  Real leadership requires insight, understanding, and courage.  We rarely see this in elected officials.

However, today is not the day that I want to rain on anyone's parade.  I would simply like to take a couple of words from the statements of Deepak Chopra and show some of the astrological indications that tend to corroborate at least part of what he is saying.  For those who are not conversant with the mechanics of astrology, the rationale might not be clear, but trust me, those who do understand the technicalities will see immediately what is going on in the subtler realms of conflict.

Horoscope for Declaration of Independence

First, the horoscope for the United States is based on the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Believe it or not, reasonable people who have spent years researching this do not agree on the time, but the chart I have always used has Uranus on the Ascendant [left at the nine o'clock position] in Gemini and Moon in Aquarius at the top of  the chart.  Because of this, I have always believed that the best president the U.S. would ever have would be a woman and probably one with a strong Aquarius influence.  For this reason, I had initiated a little internet campaign some years ago to urge Oprah Winfrey to run.  I want to say this because the material is still online on SoaringSpiritwithTears.com and everyone can see that I am not making this up after the fact.

Woman for President

So, I am definitely not against having a woman for president (as some of you thought when I strongly opposed Hillary Clinton) and I am surely not resistant to having a person of color as president.  I voted for Jesse Jackson years ago but do not have nearly as much interest in Barack Obama despite knowing his father so well.  I have tried very hard to like Obama, but all I can say is that I like him better than McCain.

To be honest, I don't much like politicians.  I don't like people who engage in photo opportunities to promote themselves.  Going to Afghanistan to put a few balls through hoops on a basketball court but failing to greet the troops is not my idea of believable.  So, when I hear that Denzel Washington donated a million dollars to Fisher House, I get excited about the person.  With politicians, money flows into their coffers and their appetites for more are insatiable.  I don't think they have any idea what they owe back to those who believed their promises at the time they pleaded for your votes.  So, within this context, let me simply say that I respect a person like Denzel Washington, good at what he does, and obviously genuinely moved by the needs of others.  This speaks to me, but Obama comes across to me as a bunch of scripted words but forget all this now and try to hear the astrology.


For the U.S. to move into its true "self", it has to do the same kind of therapy that individuals have to do if they want to move beyond their wounds and blockages and into their wholeness.  I think the biggest problem for Americans is naïveté, something people in other countries attribute to childishness, but we also tend to believe in fairy tale endings and out and out lies.  This is shown by a quincunx between the Moon and Neptune in the U.S. horoscope.  The solution is to seek truth and be open to the reorganization of mindsets that occurs when the truth is recognized and then accepted.  Aquarius is the sign of the truth seeker and Uranus on the Ascendant also provokes change through shocking disclosures.

To make the discussion meaningful, we have to move beyond the Scarlet Letter debates of who was married before conceiving a child and into issues that are politically relevant.  In this, I once again concur with Ron Paul about getting the government out of areas that are not essential for the government and not granted as a federal power by the Constitution.

Now, however, let's look at those horoscopes.  Sarah Palin is an Aquarian woman, but, and this is a really big BUT, her Sun is conjunct both Mars and Saturn meaning that her particular Aquarius energies are actually afflicting the Moon in the horoscope of the United States.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that this means she will lose the election; I can only say that she would set back the healing needed by this country and we would be in the position of having wide open wounds.

On the other hand, Sen. Obama has, or we believe he has, Aquarius rising so the same features in Palin's chart that afflict the U.S. Moon also hammer Obama's ASC which is why she came across as ruthless and mean spirited when attacking him.  Since the Ascendant is the gateway of the soul, her energies are experienced as an affront to his core being and the beliefs held by that core self.  Moreover, if you think this is bad, McCain's Mars is on Obama's Sun so it will for sure get vicious.

Outer circle: Sarah Palin, February 11, 1964, Sandpoint, Idaho, 9:43 pm

Now, what Chopra says is that Palin "derides Obama's idealism" but this is precisely what people like about Obama so if one wanted to cut him up, she has definitely gone for the jugular.  Where I might not agree completely with Chopra is whether this is instinctual and savage behavior or totally intentional and premeditated.  Since it is coming from her Sun, I would say it is not instinctual at all, it is deliberate but "energetic" meaning that anyone else with sensitivities in the same area of Aquarius would feel the poison just as acutely.  Therefore, you could actually argue that if she is not good for Obama, she is not good for America, not because Obama is the prime patriot but because her energies afflict the U.S. Moon.

The irony is that the U.S. Moon makes a trine to Mars and Saturn, the very planets that are part of Palin's solar stellium.  Unfortunately, this explains the energetic reasons for her selection, and, of course, to the extent that we are easily mesmerized and deceived, there will be countless people who see her abuse of force as a strength rather than a character fault.


What is so interesting is that Palin has immediately eclipsed John McCain, this during an eclipse cycle on the Leo-Aquarius axis.  The August 16th lunar eclipse was on the Moon in the U.S. chart and therefore also on Obama's ASC and Palin's Aquarius stellium, meaning the effects will be long lasting and some of the factors bearing on the choices voters face will be obscured by the darkness of the eclipse.

It is worth noting that Neptune is transiting Aquarius and was part of the eclipse so the times are very much influenced by the power of this transit.  Deepak Chopra wrote that the forces that are in conflict now are progress and inertia.  I might not agree.  I would say the challenge is to distinguish visionary ideals from lies and deception.  Moreover, I would not be surprised if all parties in this contest resort to odd mixtures of manipulative and mesmerizing promises to blatantly misleading statements. 

This said, the game is not over and there are more cards to be played by these contenders as well as the ones whose hats are not in the ring and those who perhaps do not want to surrender their hats.


Finally, I would urge everyone to look at what I referred to in the beginning of this post:  the true cost of conflict.  As we can see in the election, the illusion of differences has added up to an election expenditure of hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.  People were the source of these funds.  I would have thought that every dollar would have been well spent on something else, something of more lasting and enduring value.

More importantly, if we look at the mortgage foreclosures and the nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we see a crisis in the U.S. economy while the Dubai economy is thriving.  Real estate in Dubai is booming.  Halliburton has moved its corporate headquarters to this tax-free nation that apparently does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.  It is my contention that if not one single bomb had been dropped on Afghanistan or Iraq, the U.S. would have perhaps paid more for fuel but not shed the blood of its own sons and daughters or those of parents in other countries.  We would all have been better off addressing our domestic problems and allowing others to run their countries as they choose.  The media has been completely lax.  It has not, for instance, reported that suicides of U.S. troops exceed war casualties.  Why?  What is really happening?


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