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Posted to Subscribers on 22 August 2007


There is a lot of buzz on the net about Pluto conjuncting the Galactic Center, solar flares, Mars coming closer to the Earth than ever before in our lifetime, and upcoming eclipses.  It's a little difficult to keep one's thoughts clear amidst all the acts about to unfold.

The short version is that while this is the first time since its discovery that Pluto has made this conjunction, it isn't probably the first time that this has occurred.  Moreover, other planets passed the Galactic Center and blackholes and they and the Earth still revolve around the Sun.  I believe it is significant that this is occurring but I try to keep my head when the wilder stories fly.

So far as eclipses go, we have three to seven eclipses every year and therefore hundreds in the span of a normal life.  However, some eclipses are more important than others.  To gauge whether or not the eclipse on the 28th is potentially momentous, go back 19 years because lunations repeat in 19-year cycles.  If 1988 was pivotal in some way, it would be good to approach the upcoming eclipse with preparation.

Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

In the 70s, I was invited to someone's home in Honolulu to meet Thinley Norbu Rinpoche.  He was excited to learn that I am an astrologer and immediately asked if I knew when the next eclipse would occur.  I said, "surely, but tell me why you want to know."  He said he wanted to schedule a meditation.  Again, I asked why.  He said that eclipses intensify the effects of whatever you do so meditating is the best activity for an eclipse.

I have benefited greatly from this wisdom because I had, of course, seen many surgeries and less auspicious events associated with eclipses so learning a way to mitigate the effects seemed invaluable.  Ever since meeting Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, I have been very careful about how I use my time and how I direct my efforts during times of eclipses.

Maybe I am particularly sensitized to this because I was born at about the quarter moon between two eclipses, but the ancient rule was always that eclipses affect people in high positions more than ordinary folks.  They are also allegedly more powerful if visible in the place where you live. This next total lunar eclipse is visible over the Pacific and East Asia, Australasia and the Americas.

Some of you know me in person and realize that I can be very relaxed or very intense; however, when there is choice, I try to keep my space very clear because I recognize that everything is vibrational . . . and that to the extent this is true, we also entrain with the most powerful vibration.  Fear, violence, and other tensions are dangerous in general but especially so if their effects are to be amplified.  Avoiding certain types of television and even music may be good precautions.  It also helps to remember that even if you are forewarned and therefore forearmed, others on the road and in public places may not have been prepared in the same manner so give yourself more space when driving or moving in crowds.

I believe eclipses also help us to see in the dark, including the darker spaces inside.  We know we are light-dependent, but are we aware of the darkness?  Exploring this inner terrain can be a step towards greater self-understanding and perhaps even appreciation.


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