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This is going to be one of those nostalgic emails that some of you really appreciate.

Sometime back in the mid-seventies, Isabel Hickey visited Hawaii. It was completely unforgettable, I believe for both of us. I met her at the airport. Her first words were, "So many monks!" A little taken aback by her obvious psychism and directness, I said very softly to her, "So many warriors!"

Those who thought and still think of Izzie as one of the foremost spiritual astrologers in modern times will probably find "warriors" a strange characterization of her vibration, but she had a peculiarly militant energy that had a way of projecting and then causing a sudden reality shift.

Her second comment was, "Your true love is not in incarnation at this time." There was some pain and I was wrestling with it for a few days until I heard her say the same thing to her traveling companion. At that point, I began discounting part of what she said because, of course, it's a tad lonely without one's love by one's side and I suppose I preferred not to believe that we would not meet in this dimension in this lifetime . . . but, to be honest, a part of me suspected she was right.

True Love

My mother was a very gracious hostess and insisted I invite Izzie and her friend to coffee, which in Swedish tradition can be rather elaborate. In my mother's case, it invariably included lovely homemade breads and pastries. It was anything but "just coffee."

Practically as soon as I introduced Izzie and her friend, my mother suggested I show her companion my house. It was on the same property as my mother's much larger home and I had no idea why we were being dismissed but it seemed important.

Almost the moment we walked into my little cottage, Izzie's companion was completely overwhelmed with emotion. I realized she saw something or someone I was not seeing and I needed to leave her alone there with her visions.

To make a rather long story short, my house was built on the site of an old hula halau. My guest was immediately seized by feelings going back to a time when she was being trained in Hawaiian dance and cultural transmission, a sacred undertaking. Though members of the halau were not required to be celibate, they did have rules and times of chastity that were regarded as essential in order to retain the purity of the traditions.

It seems, however, that my guest had fallen desperately in love with someone to whom she had made a vow never to have another lover in that or any other lifetime. We who lived in this special area of South Kona were quite well acquainted with the lover. We did not know his story but we saw him from time to time and realized he had been waiting about 800 years to reunite with his love. When Morrnah visited, we had expressed our concern by asking her to have a word with him. She sometimes helped earthbound spirits to move on to other dimensions, but she conferred with the Big Hawaiian, as we called him, and told us he was waiting and did not want to leave. We respected his wishes but aside from acknowledging his presence, we never tried to connect with him or his story.

Curious that I am, I did not want to miss out on anything my mother and Izzie were discussing so I left my guest with her ghost and returned to the coffee and conversation. My mother looked straight at me and asked if my guest had reunited with her lover and whether the Big Hawaiian was happy I brought her over there. Astonishing revelations like this happened from time to time with my mother, but the truth is, I never knew exactly how psychic she was because there were many times her feet were so flat on the ground that one could have suspected her "other dimensionality."

When our guest rejoined us, her face was flushed, eyes soggy, and she was clearly overwhelmed. She had seen everything and suddenly realized why in twenty years of marriage, the union had never been consummated. As one outpouring after another flooded our gathering, I began to wonder what was going to happen to me and whether my true love was also waiting for me somewhere. Izzie's comments no longer seemed like empty phrases floating around that you couldn't really integrate into your psyche. Now there was a potency to everything that ushered forth from her consciousness.

Past Lives

Izzie offered to demonstrate a method of past life regression. We arranged another little gathering at someone else's home and she showed us something called the Awareness Technique. Basically, it involves expansion of the aura so that the conscious part of ourselves can drift in a wider field and when used to this spaciousness, the consciousness can "leave" and unite with threads from other existences. It was fascinating, but there was a second possibility which involved the ability to ascend to another level and explore the reality of that dimension. The moment people were in that dimension, they referred to our "normal" state as the third dimension. Everyone used this term when in the altered state even if the concept had not been known to them before.

The fourth dimension appeared to be an idealized version of the third. It was invariably more gracious, generous in outlook, and refined in temperament and understanding than the third.

Izzie warned me that the person who developed the technique was in a mental hospital unable to recall his name and who he is. I have no doubt this could happen but being curious, the temptation to explore the method was inescapable and I found myself experimenting on a few close friends and, of course, my mother who was the best candidate for this method of anyone I knew. She remains to this day the only one I was able to take to the seventh dimension with this technique. Nearly everyone could make it to the fourth and a few to the fifth, but only a handful of people have made it to the sixth.

When experimenting with such techniques, I have been grateful for my curiosity and openness to truth because, as one can imagine, preconceived ideas wilt under the coherent ambiance of higher consciousness.

The Third Dimension

As an astrologer, I had sought to develop an adequate definition of astrology and had read hundreds of books on astrology, metaphysics, and even quantum physics. The working explanation I was using for many years is that "astrology is the science of manifestation in time."

If you have not thought about this before, you might want to pause with the concept for a moment and consider that time is measured by planetary movements. A day is the time it takes for the Earth to revolve once on its axis. A month is basically one orbit of the Moon around the Earth and a year is one trip of the Earth around the Sun.

In Chinese philosophy, at least certain schools of such, there is no distinction made between events and time. Lest this sound outside the reach of normal minds, events occur in time or moments of time and are thus inseparable from time itself. Outside of time, there is nothing linear and therefore no process of becoming. This reality is experienced by every mystic who has been able to extricate himself from time, even if for a split second, though, of course, the concept of a second is also irrelevant once one has transcended time. When words fail, we resort to concepts of eternal beingness, isness, oneness, in short, existence in which there is no past, present, or future but simply a state of pervasive awareness.

Now, we go back to that apparently subtle definition of astrology. It is the science of manifestation in time. There is no manifestation outside of time because time and space are where manifestation occurs. For me, this definition of astrology is incomplete but it is certainly relevant to the attempt to explain what the third dimension is.


We probably do not know exactly what the yogic state of samadhi encompasses but we know that in that state, normal activities are suspended. This is important because it implies that one cannot be conscious in the fourth dimension or higher and still function in the third. The difference between the yogic state and discarnate states is that some awareness of the higher dimensions is attained while still possessing a third dimensional body and with some flexibility and evolution of language skills, there can be some communication regarding realities that differ from the mundane.

My experience is that while some of us are able to bring information from other dimensions through to the third dimensional mind, we are generally not simultaneously aware of the content of other dimensions. That sentence may be a little awkward. What I tried to say is that our linear minds are only capable of conscious cognition of one event or thought at a time so we are never simultaneously conscious in multiple dimensions even if we exist simultaneously in all dimensions.

Obviously, there are some enlightened beings who have a greater capacity to function multidimensionally but there are some people who are completely trapped in the third dimension, even to the extent of denying the reality of the first and second dimensions, not to mention the fourth. It is tempting to suggest that "reality" is generally defined in third dimensional terms. Anything sensed about other dimensions is generally considered to be speculative — because the other dimensions are subjective; but there are serious schools of psychology exploring the content of the first and second dimensions, instinct and emotions, and some cutting edge science that touches on the edge of the fourth dimension. Nearly all religious beliefs and mystical experiences are colored by fourth dimensional experiences.

Perplexing Notions

If the Earth is to ascend in consciousness to the fourth dimension, the inference is that the third will appear to disappear. From the vantage point of the fourth dimension, the third dimension is merely a figment of the imagination, which is why Hindus refer to the reality of the third dimension as Maya or Illusion. In actuality, the appearance and disappearance of awareness occurs constantly so for an individual here and there to ascend to the fourth dimension is not particularly remarkable. Moreover, if some people can achieve fourth dimensional awareness, others can as well. The third dimensional awareness is objective to those who are "in" the third dimension and illusion to those who are not "there".

The third dimension is obviously "real" but it is also "not real" to the extent that it is essentially a stage for the drama of playing out fate and destiny. Fate is where we work out dissonance so as to perfect our alignment to destiny which is where we demonstrate our intrinsic spirituality and, I believe, purposefulness of existence. These can be quite complex ideas because just as the Big Hawaiian ceased to exist as a third dimensional individual, he survived, in tact, as a coherent entity in a state not far removed from the third dimension, one with enough third dimensionality to be visible from time to time to those who were willing to trust what they saw.

Viewed from another angle completely, we could postulate that we are and always have been and always will be because we are sparks of the Creator so the dust that returns to dust is just a cyclical occurrence of the third dimension where sustaining the relationship between Spirit and Matter seems to be challenging so there is more reorganization of "reality" and a sense that "everything" is ephemeral.

There are moments when I believe I understand why this is the case and other moments when I feel that I am far out enough without going way "out there."


When asking why we are so preoccupied and attached to the third dimension when the fourth is blissful beyond our imagination, we have to conclude that there is something about the third dimension that entrances us because here we are. Here we are with our anxieties, fears, and upsets. Here we are with hundreds of millions of people starving, millions involved in desperate struggles for survival, millions battling illnesses and demons in the psyche, and a few here and there who are deeply engrossed in passions of the flesh or spirit. . . or both. It's obviously very interesting here so even if sometimes painful or frightening or downright infuriating, here we are. Not only are we here but many will do almost anything to stay. Even when life is slipping away, very few let go. Why?

Many would say that "here" is the only place we know so even if there is another dimension, it's existence is a matter of speculation, not subject to proof. Besides, what if somewhere else is worse, not better? What if the fourth dimension is not just heaven but also hell? Frankly, I don't think this is the case because the psychic quotient and propensity to create arbitrarily is a quality of the third dimension so hell is an attribute of unresolved karma, not a dimension in its own right.

In any event, mystics rarely, well, it's tempting to say "never" report the existence of hell. Likewise, those having near death experiences almost never report such, but, just in case, most people opt to stay "here" as long as possible. Curious, isn't it?

Third Dimensional Characteristics

The dimensions are recognized through the perceptual mechanisms used by the observer. If one is using the five senses, the senses detect qualities associated with their specialized cognitive functions. For instance, the eyes sense light and color and therefore supply detail about structured objects in the particular spectrum in which they see. The fact that they see nothing in other spectrums does not mean nothing exists but merely that the existence is not perceived. On the vibrational scale, the eyes function one octave and the observer is therefore inclined to conclude that nothing material exists in any other octave but if one were without the sense of sight or if human eyesight functioned in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrums, our conclusions about the world around us would most likely be different . . . because we filter through our senses as well as our consciousness.


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