The American Eclipse of August 2017, Part II

Posted to Subscribers on 16 August 2017


Dear Subscribers,

Eclipses are not specific to one individual or country or issue so encapsulating prophecies into a few cogent sentences is no easy task. In a kind of a way, I have bitten off almost as much as anyone could be expected to chew. Before continuing the saga, it might behoove us to look really briefly at what others are saying. Many are finding scriptural texts to support their pet theses. I find this interesting but not compelling because the tendency is to take one verse and apply it to the present situation whereas the reality is we do not (yet) have a credible time line for interpretation of the Bible or any other religious or even New Age text.

That is one caveat but there are many others. My approach is to look at patterns and try to seam these together with what can be determined in our world today. I wrote quite a bit about Columbus and how, as a result of his journeys, two continents were essentially annexed to Europe. If we think very deeply about this, we will not like the reflection we see of the European psyche. However, this comes out even more clearly with the voyages of Captain Cook. There were three voyages, absolutely incredible journeys, the goal of which was to find more continents.

The three journeys are shown in different colors: red, green, and blue. Using a Mercator projection, we get an exaggerated impression of the top and bottom of the map, but the seas are vast and there was no global positioning data in the 18th century.


The point here is that there were powerful people who believed that more continents could be found. Cook claimed New Zealand for the crown and later part of Australia. The flag for Hawaii has a Union Jack in the corner. He found Antarctica but could not circumnavigate it, why? He might have been the best navigator and cartographer in history, but he found an ice wall, not a continent. Though some of Cook's maps are still used today, we were taught that both Australia and Antarctica are continents, not islands or walls.

What also happened in 1776 is that the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. It is worth noting that virtually all the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean followed suit, St. Kitts and Nevis being perhaps the most recent to become independent of their colonial overlords. So, one conclusion that could be drawn is that precedents can be set that make it easier for others to achieve their ambitions.

Before going on, I want to add two more notes. The names of Captain Cook's ships were the HMS Endeavour and the HMS Discovery , the latter name having also been that of the later Shackleton Expedition to Antarctica. Perhaps the plot is beginning to thicken now? Obviously, the names were recycled for the NASA adventures. If we think these are just coincidences, I believe we should ask how it is possible to spend such vast sums without also carefully considering the names of the vessels.

Next, it might behoove us to look at the darkness. The various populations found in the places "discovered" were treated practically as if they did not matter. There were Caribs, Mayans, Aztecs, Incans, Cherokees, Algonquins, Maoris, Aborigines, and countless other peoples who were generally depicted as savages, heathens, cannibals, you name it, their lesser status becoming the license to rape, murder, and plunder.

The stage has already been set for another round of annihilation. We are probably going to hear more and more about aliens, some of them reptilian, some perhaps giants, all, of course, genetically inferior to modern humanity. Whether they live on continents beyond the ice wall or inside the Earth, they will no doubt be demonized even if culturally more advanced. If they are more advanced, that will be very challenging, especially if they have superior technology. That would obviously be a deterrent. I would be dismissive of any statements that are used to justify more crimes against populations and species, including plant and animal species.

Whatever exists in Antarctica, it is going to challenge our concepts of life on Earth. Were it otherwise, there would be no need for the incredible secrecy. This is why I am also comparing this period of time to the post-Copernican era. Because of the politicizing of Antarctica, it seems probable that we can dismiss 99% of what we hear, including the leaks from alleged insiders. If "they" did not want the leaks, the leakers would be silenced, so we can be sure the leaks are intentional.

Just for argument's sake, I am including an image of a flat earth projection. Whether or not it is accurate is not for me to say, but part of the political purpose in using Mercator imagery is to exaggerate the size of the "Western World" which, if we think about it, is absurd. On a flat earth projection, we see much more water, all surrounded by a wall of ice. If the concept is ridiculous, why was it chosen for the U.N. logo, certainly not to attract derision!


Now, to be clear, I am simply setting the stage for a revolution in thought. I am not saying the Earth is flat, nor that it is spherical. I am not saying there are more continents to discover or that there are, as Admiral Byrd said there were, lands beyond the South Pole. Actually, I am not even saying there is a South Pole. I am however suggesting that if the patterns repeat, we will probably seek and possibly also find new places to colonize and these will, of course, be claimed as territories by those who underwrite the expeditions.

That said, in my opinion, revitalization of NASA is a farce, a huge distraction that we can safely ignore. However, we cannot ignore the investment in such initiatives as climate change so we need to look at who benefits and who loses as well as where the revolts can occur. If climate change is agreed upon by all the powers but one, we have to look at the potential for dissidence and that will be American. Also, I would like to mention that when Saturn goes direct in a week or so, it will occur almost exactly on Donald Trump's Moon and will then oppose his Sun. This is big and serious, especially since his Sun is conjunct Mars in the horoscope for the Declaration of Independence. Saturn is the planet that rules timing so while retrograde, it impedes action. Once direct, the obstacles to action are lessened so decisive action becomes more feasible.

If this were a modern theater, you could simply go from one film to the next and see all the different dramas. I suggest a good pair of glasses and lots of flexibility.

To be continued.

Many blessings,


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