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In the crescendo for change, we are seeing a lot of spin, science fiction, disreputable "research", unconscionably bad journalism, and disinformation that is both intentional as well as a subintentional consequence of the dearth of quality education and dumbing down of the masses through manipulation of everything from our food and medicine to our minds. Since so much of this chaos and clutter is weighing heavily on many hearts these days, I will depart slightly from my usual attempts to avoid the most outrageous conspiracy theories but rather highlight a few plausible ideas and perhaps debunk a few of those are "clearly" hoaxes. Obviously, you have to judge the facts yourself and draw your own conclusions. I am simply sticking my neck out a bit more than usual.

Let's start with basic ideas. Change is always a risk for those who benefit by the current status quo. I have been trying for years to show this through various references to mythology and history as well as economics. To make this crystal clear, because we all need as much clarity as we can find, imagine the resistance of horse ranchers to the burgeoning railroad industry or the opposition to flight by those who profit from trains. Unless the ranchers chose to become part of the development of the railways, their fortunes would have suffered. However, regardless of their choices, certain ways of life would be gone forever unless the development of railroads could have been stopped.

Then, whereas a horse was more or less a necessity for many in past times, horses have become luxuries for those who can afford them and passions for those who continue to love the animals more for who and what they are than for transport. Fortunately, the horse did not become extinct and in a strange kind of way, I think some immense pressures have been taken off this particular Earth species because they are no longer critical to the human passion for war and this is allowing for new possibilities in our relationships with horses. This minor observation is just a tiny piece of a far larger picture, but it's important to think and to think clearly because we make decisions based on perceptions and we need to work through our challenges much more consciously than is normal these days.

With the shift from rails to flight, there were also vested interests in the old way of life and these would be defended by those who stand to benefit more by the old than the new. Also, you have to really "think" because it is not just the owners and operators of the trains but the caterers and textile producers who made tablecloths and napkins for the diners. You could add to this those who provided the coal, a big shift from hay to something far less renewable. Everything has to roll with the flow and watch a way of life vanish.

Mythologically, we see this drama played out by Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents the old. Saturn is conservative. Saturn rules Time itself and it reigns at the exact moment when darkness turns to light and the days begin to get longer (in the northern hemisphere where these particular myths are part of our heritage.) At its best, Saturn is ethical, responsible, and careful. At its worst, Saturn is judgmental, ambitious, manipulative, scheming, and vindictive. According to the myths, Saturn or Kronos (or Cronus as in chronology or time) was the youngest son of Gaia and Uranus, i.e., the child of Earth and Heaven. From this point on, the myth goes the way of many myths and becomes complicated and psychologically evocative. Saturn is jealous of his father's power. His mother is upset because Uranus has hidden some of their children in Tartarus. She tries to get the other children to avenge her husband. Only Saturn complies. Gaia crafts a sickle and Saturn cuts a big gash through the heavens so that light can come through but he also slashes off the testicles of his father. The testicles fall into the ocean from which Aphrodite arises. The avenging Furies emerge from the blood that is spilled in this ghastly deed.

To make a long story short, Uranus is the only mutated God and is used by astrologers to signify androgeny as well as medical conditions that are highly resistant to cure. Saturn, as we would expect, makes a pretty good character for study, the man who listens to women rather than dealing with situations in a more straightforward way. So, Saturn is never really fully empowered and only has delegated authority in situations that require the visible person to act in accordance with the dictates of the one with the real power.

There is a lot to these myths and even the language we inherit. For instance, Saturn is regarded as a symbol of karma, a word whose etymology means "to cut" but really, Saturn makes a lot of mistakes, including marrying his sister Rhea who is more loyal to her grandmother than brother/husband. Freud and Jung could/probably did have a field day here, but the devil made me do it is an explanation frequently used by those who are not self empowered. It was the excuse of the Nazis and of every soldier and bureaucrat who acts not in conscience but out of misplaced loyalty to power rather than truth, which, of course, is symbolized by Uranus. I don't want to lose anyone here but rather to set a really big stage so the backdrop for affairs on Earth has room for the details that make news.

The history of humanity on Earth suggests that we are not a very reputable much less remarkable species but there are, of course, some exceptions here and there. We cling to the known version of reality and make it hell for new ideas to gain acceptance. We lie and scheme and blame others when things go south on us, but now we have a chance to act consciously with personal sovereignty. This is a very important concept because it breaks the devil made me do it syndrome and puts one in charge of his or her own destiny.

As most of you have probably realized, I have more interest in the classics than in modern theater. Macbeth is a good example of a Saturnian type fellow. Lady Macbeth feeds his otherwise rather simple heart with dark notions for which he ultimately pays dearly. Dramatists love themes like this so whether we are talking Hesiod or Shakespeare or the Japanese version called Throne of Blood (Kurosawa's Kumonosu-jō), these are all remakes of various creation dramas.


As cannot possibly surprise anyone, Uranus represents much more than Truth. Ouranos/Uranus is the magician who coordinates Change and Change is supposed to be a manifestation of Divine Will on Earth, ergo the partnership with Gaia and the son suffering from moral turpitude. The deeper meaning here, and it can go very deep, is that in the cycle of manifestation, there are moments when the time is ripe for new ideas. We have perfect obedience to the Divine Order if we manifest what is appropriate and we incur the repercussions/karma if we manipulate the mandate(s) in such a way as to benefit a lesser interest. In the I Ching, reference is continually made to the inferior man and superior man. Waiting until the propitious moment is never considered to be a sign of weakness or inferiority because survival itself is valued as are the correct moves to supplant injustice with justice, corruption with righteousness, and so on and so forth. It is only a mistake to serve a lesser interest and for this there is a price to pay. In the case of Saturn, he was overthrown by his sons and imprisoned in Tartarus.

Okay, let's bring this down to earth. Let's start with Fukushima and the news:

That upload ends with excerpts from The China Syndrome.

You might as well follow it with this:

It is one theory of many, probably the least conspiratorial, the most being the Stuxnet theory of Jim Stone, but, heck, you need to understand the world in which we live so why not make notes and compare details until you feel you really have your fingers on the pulse.

Because of what has happened and is continuing to happen, our entire approach to energy must change. There is no way around this. In short, we have gone from hay to coal to petroleum to radioactive materials in just a few centuries and the next unfoldment will be big, really BIG. Moreover, it will be fought tooth and nail by those with interests to protect.

From the Mundane to the Majestic?

Why bring up something like Operation Majestic 12? It is regarded by many as conspiracy but many documents can be found that suggest it is, among other things, part of the cover up of what is known about UFOs and aliens. This would not be important except that some rather high profile figures are setting the stage for preparing the public for a fake disclosure that would push the plans for world government . . . to solve the global financial crisis which, of course, has been masterminded by the same people who are in line to fix the problem they created. To keep people on edge and deal with the many emergencies, the date for the end of the world keeps getting moved closer and closer. People really need to keep their heads because at least half of the stories are based on disinformation, misinformation, and manipulation . . . to maintain the status quo. No one wants to give up power, but they absolutely have to do so if people are self-empowered and obedient to the Truth. The irony here is that when there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to protect but your afterlife and for this, Truth sounds like a better ticket than deception.

In the past, I have disputed the Nibiru theory. Those who accept the theory are doing so almost entirely on the basis on the writings of Sitchin, but what is really risky is for people who do not really know either astronomy or astrology to interpret something from thousands of years ago. So, what I want to say is that planets have orbits and the orbits are around a central body which, where we live, we call the Sun. The orbits are not perfectly circular but rather elliptical and they are not perfectly in line with the ecliptic since the latitude varies somewhat but the orbits conform to Bode's law so something that comes smashing in from elsewhere is not a planet. It might be a comet or space ship or who knows what. If it is a comet, there is a probability that an immense part of the mass can suddenly disappear. If it is something with propulsion, it can change direction. In short, while it is always sound advice to live each day as if it were your last, I plan to still be here on September 26th and I think others should stop worrying also.

However, and this will be it for today, I have given a lot of thought to what people would do if they really felt their days are numbered because priorities can change in a hurry. Many years ago, the author of a book on predicting death said he would go to the Himalayas to meditate. I said, "Right, but some people are just going to max out their credit cards." We all have choices, but the highest choice is obedience to our Creator. This ends all karma and brings Order out of Chaos. We need this now.

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