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Dear Subscribers,

Well, the last email on the purpose of life triggered more responses than anything in a long, long time. It would really be impossible for me to calculate the home planets for everyone who asked. It is not a simple undertaking and without a context, it might even be meaningless or just another novel fragment to hang on your wall somewhere. However, I will devote just a bit more time to the subject since it is, in fact, an important topic.

My experience suggests that the Earth hosts many separate immigrations from a limited number of "other" places. Let me make this absolutely as clear as I possibly can because we do, in fact, have mirrors of the macrocosmic world in our own microcosmic one. Let's just start with North America, a bit ethnocentric, but it works for this purpose. First, one has the various Native American populations and their myths about their origins. Among these peoples, one already finds incredible diversity: matriarchal societies and patriarchical societies, hunters and gatherers and agrarian civilizations, migratory tent communities and sophisticated permanent settlements, and the comparisons and contrasts could go on and on. The Spanish came in 1492 and later the Pilgrims came and later still the Irish and many Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indians. Obviously, this list is incomplete but whether or not we have a melting pot depends almost entirely on the attitudes people have to one another.

My insights into extraterrestrial life more or less parallel the migrations that appear to be purely terrestrial. In short, there is a world of difference between a Lyran and Sirian even though they are more or less from a similar area of the galaxy, you might say about with the same relationship that Sicily has to Illyria or that Archimedes has to Mother Teresa. People wrote quite a few emails after the last posts so I think what I feel to add right now is that once we accept this phenomenon, we might be better prepared to celebrate diversity and let the divergences become cause for stimulation and exchange rather than wars and subjugation.

Meanwhile, I have done a little homework and found a user-friendly site for casting horoscopes:

This does not require you to be able to read symbols as it is in plain English (and free). There is a table form and a graphic form and an interpretation which is probably not what you want to read in the context of my posts. However, if you know your time of birth, you should at least be able to get your correct rising sign (Ascendant) and the longitude and latitude. A word to the wise: the points on which astrologers trip up the most are failure to input the correct time and place. The better computer programs have included the time changes, but the zones are very complicated and inconsistent. If my memory serves me correctly, Indiana is the most complex because depending on the railroads, the time zones were frequently changed. Just be careful!

Probably there is some super wonderful astronomy program with the planets and constellations, but I haven't found one yet. One of my play toys is a free download at It's a visually dazzling program with an amazing number of features, plenty of scope to immerse and get lost for a few hours at a stretch.

Since many people reading these posts are originally from Sirius, I will try to present a bit more information on it and use it as an illustration.

It is the brightest star but is what astronomers call a binary star system, a large star, Sirius A, with a dwarf companion, Sirius B. These stars are, in turn, part of the constellation Canis Major. My astrology teacher, Ivy Jacobson, was born with Sirius rising and when I was lecturing at a conference at the University of Adelaide, a group of us went wild as some of us for the first time saw how immensely bright this near neighbor appears Downunder . . . where, for the record, Ivy was born (Brisbane). Like many who are born with at least some residual continuity of consciousness, at three, she asked her father if she could have Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos for her birthday. It had to be ordered from London and took nearly a year to arrive. She had it memorized in no time. Her father seemed to recognize what a rare gift had been born and he shielded her from the rough influences of "civilization." She never set foot in a classroom until arriving in San Francisco around age 20. However, she was self-schooled in music, architecture, foreign languages, and astrology and probably many other subjects. I will be forever grateful to her for her superb and patient mentoring that included countless techniques not used by other astrologers of this era.

What I am trying however to say is that having Sirius on the ascendant is always important but the star just looks incredible in certain parts of the world.

In Egypt, the appearance of Sirius in the night sky just before sunrise occurred before the flooding of the Nile, a date that varied but the rising of Sirius with the sun was predictable. It occurred in early July and the first new moon after the heliacal rising was celebrated as the beginning of the new year.

What astronomers know or think they know about outer space is really not relevant to what individuals "know" from their own experiences. What I would like to say as tactfully as possible is that distance, luminosity, age, ability to support life, etc. are completely speculative. For years (in this one lifetime), astronomers denied the existence of Sirius B and thus demeaned the traditions of the Dogon, a tribe living in Mali. Then, they found Sirius B. If our Sun has seven or seventy planets orbiting around it, how many planets might be orbiting around a sun (star) that is much bigger? Having only recently confirmed the existence of the white dwarf star, how close is anyone to seeing planets? Given these questions, the idea that there might be 500 or more places similar enough to Earth to be habitable is just "intellectual noise" because it presupposes that the conditions must resemble Earth in order to support creatures and life styles similar to Earth. In short, this is a material assumption and skirts the issue of exactly which aspects of ourselves are immortal and what they require in order to exist.

Let me try to be very specific. Here on Earth, it is assumed that we must eat to survive but increasingly, there are reports of breatharians who have not eaten for decades. They appear to be perfectly healthy, sometimes even overweight. I believe this because I was in a coma for ten days and gained weight. I was protected only by my incredible dog, Keoki. Luckily no one found me comatose or they would have subjected me to medical procedures. This has happened several times in my life so I am clear within myself that the purpose is to detach for a while and touch base with realities that are more meaningful. Thus, the idea that a coma invariably constitutes a medical crisis makes no sense at all to me. It might actually be a leave of absence while updating the "plan". The point, however, is that the body thrived without either hydration or food.

If we study what part of food is nutritious, it is the prana, the invisible component of fresh food that has not been irradiated or frozen. If the level of prana goes down, we have to eat more to survive and this turns people (and animals) into predators. If we learned to subsist strictly on prana, meaning we surrendered the habit of relying on the sacrifices of plants and animals, we would not need the same conditions as Earth simply in order to exist. I think I am trying to step out of the box and take a few of you with me and propose that we are essence that has a temporary relationship to bodies made of flesh, and we have been duped into believing that this is called life and the condition in which ghosts find themselves is called death. One friend who talks to ghosts tried to explain to one of them who was complaining that he couldn't see himself in the mirror any more that the reason was that he died. The ghost said, "You're kidding."

Right! So, the reality is that we are having specific experiences in these bodies and other experiences with or without these particular bodies. I.e., what the aliens look like and how they dress is beyond ridiculous since these appearances are just costumes.

Sirius Rising

The table below is based on a book that appeared in a sort of handwritten, temporary edition in 1975 and, so far as I know, never got beyond that point, perhaps because it says on the cover "for advanced students", but there are many such students today. It is called Mundane Tables of Fixed Stars in Astrology but has no author mentioned on the cover or inside. The point here is that Sirius appears at 10 Cancer if on the midheaven (or Equator) but the place where it appears to rise differs by latitude. The column on the left gives the degrees of latitude and the one on the right shows the apparent place in the tropical zodiac.

North Latitude Degree of Ascendant
60 0 Virgo
55 24 Leo
50 18 Leo
45 13 Leo
40 9 Leo
35 5 Leo
30 1 Leo
25 27 Cancer
20 24 Cancer
15 20 Cancer
10 17 Cancer
5 13 Cancer
Equator 10 Cancer
South Latitude  
5 7 Cancer
10 3 Cancer
15 0 Cancer
20 26 Gemini
25 22 Gemini
30 18 Gemini
35 13 Gemini
40 9 Gemini
45 3 Gemini
50 27 Taurus
55 21 Taurus
60 13 Taurus

What Does it Mean?

When I facilitate altered states of consciousness, the material always seems very significant but what is elicited constitutes one story for one individual out of the several billion on the Planet. What happens over time is that half a dozen people from Sirius go through the process and a few more pieces fit into place. The first observation I made was that Sirians came in pairs, as twin souls. To the best of my knowledge, they are the only ones who came in pairs, but, of course, there could be others since I only see part of the picture, not the whole panorama. The second observation was that the pairs represented two qualities that harmonize with each other like art and beauty or fairness and harmony or the biggest of all: love and light. Without exception (so far), the first Earth incarnations for the Sirians took place in Egypt where they created a counter-culture to balance the excess materialism of another group of immigrants who suffered from several of the problems the Sirians set out to fix. That group landed with a shortage of women so the twin soul strategy boded well for avoiding the issues that arise when the ratios are not balanced. Another problem was that the materialism was not allowing in enough light so the Light Workers also seem to come from this vintage of immigrants. There is a lot to do beside spreading light and the issues that arose from the Sirian emphasis on Light gave rise to the need for other migrations that brought the advanced civilizations into closer alignment with the Earth itself. We are starting to see this group gain in prominence.

Now, I would like to be just a tad personal and share some observations without crossing too many lines. I am always extremely careful about this, but Ivy Jacobson published some poetry and mentioned particulars of her life in her books. As noted, her father shielded her from the influences of the outer world. She married a man who shared this trait with her father. She was very seldom seen in public. Small as the astrological community is, in my whole life, I have only met one person who actually saw Ivy in person. She said, "Oh, she is an angel, not a person." Obviously, there were more because she taught at the First College and Temple of Astrology which she helped to found, but she left and Thyrza Escobar took the leadership. Still, a few people must have met her. She was as one might expect very psychically accessible, but physically absent. Based on her poetry, it would seem that the romance never left her marriage, but her husband died and she outlived him by more than three decades. However, she turned her house into a fortress so the inaccessibility factor never changed. One never had the impression that there was ever a thought given to another partnership, rather that she had found her one and only.

I will stop here because I really do respect privacy, but there are several more similar stories, but the people whose stories they are must themselves tell the story if and when the moment seems right.

This said, I do not want to suggest that partnership is important or that it is unimportant. It is quite possible that some people on this Planet came before the time of sexual differentiation so this factor could well influence them towards ambiguity about gender, indifference to it, and behavior that suggests that partnering is not for them the begin all and end all. Of course, there are lots and lots and lots of other possibilities so what might be most helpful at this time is simply to note that the place we were before coming here seems to have an influence and that often many beings were involved in migrations but the beings from the same place share a few recognizable qualities.

From the email that has been coming in, it's clear that some of you already know a great deal about your purpose for being here and some really want to know more. Others want to know why I am sticking my neck out and writing these posts, and a few, as always, question my sanity or sobriety. I assure you that I never write when sipping wine so all those typos are just failures of my eyes and brain to synchronize with the monitor's refresh rate. Sanity, well, you be the judge!

From my perspective, we are on the verge of a turn of the spiral that I have said is bigger and more significant than the Copernican Revolution. It took civilization a long time to accept that Copernicus was right and so if it takes some people seconds and others centuries to adjust to the next revolution, that would be normal for Earth. I think, however, this revolution will move quickly and decisively because between television and the internet, the word will anchor in most places in a matter of hours.

Intergalactic communication has become imperative. If we allowed the powers that be to blow up the Planet, they would throw our solar system off balance. If we don't permit them them to destroy Earth, they will surely foul space and so it's time for our leaders to mature or to be replaced by those with a deeper sense of responsibility. If we do not force this on our leaders, we leave no choice but for our galactic cousins to do so. It's really that simple so it's time to get ready for change. As with every revolution, the faster we align with the necessary changes, the easier it will be. So, this is my excuse for sounding off . . .

Many blessings,



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