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Dear Subscribers,

In the last few days, the subject of soul mates has come up in half a dozen conversations, all with different people. The view that I would like to share in this post may not be welcome to some readers, but it is based on many past life regressions that tended to produce what we might call impressions of various waves of migration to Earth. However, à propos the new launch of my Yin and Yang Elixirs, it might be worth noting that in general I am seen as someone who proposes that we get our "yin and yang together" — to be elucidated, you can be sure.

Gender, as a physiological phenomenon, is obviously unique to the physical body, and we find gender in countless species on this planet, not just human, but obviously animal and plant species as well. On some level, we could probably look at attributes rather than design and say that the feminine part of each of us is more magnetic, spatial, pictorial, impressionable, inclusive, and vulnerable as compared to our masculine side which is more conceptual or ideational, linear, radiatory, hierarchical, and causal. These are actually enormous words. It would be simple to use Chinese terms and suggest that yin is dark and yang is light, but when I add words like vulnerable and causal, we are seeing processes that initiate and therefore create actions that become causes and reactions to those energies that explain vulnerability. If we keep going, we can say that the feminine is inherently innocent, but being receptive, she is susceptible to experiences that affect her in ways that feel good or bad, positive or negative, respectful or disrespectful, congenial or offensive, and so on and so forth. It is her receptivity that makes her vulnerable, but without yang, she is empty and lifeless just as yang is formless without yin.

In short, the mere fact that we are suggests we have a mix of yin and yang. We need both but because of the complexity of our human architecture, we have opposite polarities in each part of our beings. For instance, if the physical is male, then the emotional may be female and the mental male and so on and so forth through our subtle selves that include our souls and spirits. Obviously, at some point, we became dualistic, but my contention would be that the farther we are from our physicality, the more whole we are, i.e., we have our yin and yang together. On the soul level as well as the spirit level, we have some affinities that give us the impression of belonging to different groups, but what I have seen is that only a few humans came here with a distinct partner who represented the other side of dualistic phenomenon. To cut to the quick, all of these were from Sirius and there were, as I have seen it, only 300 pairs of souls in that migration and all have Cancer rising. Surely, as I suggested, many will disagree, but I facilitated a lot of past life recall and this is the pattern I saw. Others may have seen different patterns, but with this particular batch, all seemed to have their first important Earth incarnation in Egypt at a particularly difficult time in the affairs of Earth. These people are very in tune with the concept of Light Workers and each one has a particular piece of the whole, but the twin souls have pieces that work very closely with the dualities we experience here. For most of these people, they really need to find their soul mates, and destiny will generally make sure this happens.

Of course, each of these souls now has many descendents and they would have inherited some of the Sirian energies, including the concept of a very special other who is necessary for the fulfillment of the life plan. At one point, I knew several of these people and could reel off the specialities of each. Now, I have to be a little more hypothetical because the memories are a bit ancient and not as easy to pull from the archives. Let's say that there is a pair called music and mystery and another called psychology and astrology and another called fairness and cooperation. As I said, I cannot recall all the pairs that I once knew so well. Suffice it to say that if one part of a mission depends on a component that another individual has developed to a higher level, then the two need each other to manifest their joint mission.

The reason I believe these particular types of soul mates all came from Sirius is that there was a crisis on Earth at the time of their migration when the forces of materialism were destroying the memory of our inherent divinity so all these pairs do, in fact, relate to something that desperately needed to be preserved and perfected in Earth expression. I occasionally meet one of these individuals and realize that the yearning for completeness is very deep. Obviously, that yearning cannot achieve its highest potential unless both individuals come into awareness of their original mission and seek the ways to complete the mission. In this incredibly intense but exciting transitional time, these forces are strong, as are the forces of materialism that necessitated the migration in the first place.

Of course, everyone who is here has a purpose, but not everyone is as dependent on a soul mate as the Sirians. We are all, however, dependent on some coordination between our yin and yang and that is another matter. We all came at different times from different places and with unique purposes. Through the course of countless incarnations, we formed bonds with many others and we feel affinities with those we recognize as sisters and brothers on the way, dharmamates, fellow pilgrims, etc. We can also feel antipathies for those who have obstructed us in our missions so I want to dwell a bit on how I see this in horoscopes.

To make this easier, let's just imagine a lifetime in which you traveled in a caravan with camels and you went from one oasis to the next. At each oasis, you met other travelers, exchanged stories, and got a little information about the travel conditions for the next leg of the journey. This is probably a little more intense than meeting on an airplane because the conversations were longer and perhaps also deeper. Once in a while, something etches its way into the psyche, and we remember the person who shared something special at an oasis thousands of years ago. Obviously, we have more profound relationships with people with whom our contacts were deeper: family, friends, classmates, teachers, and maybe employers, doctors, priests, and so on and so forth. Every contact with every person left us with an impression, and we qualified those impressions with emotional labels that may range from loving to strict to dangerous, you get the picture.

Now, when someone comes for a reading and we talk about relationships with parents, siblings, lovers, spouses, bosses, friends, etc., we are picking up some of the emotional coloring of the previous encounters. We might also choose to have a certain experience because we recognize that we need it. Often, we do not particularly like the experiences we need, but we plan our incarnations from a very high level where the needs are better understood than in this dimly lighted third dimension.

Let me try to be a little concrete, fire moon people like to unite on the basis of mutual interests. We could say that the Aries Moon sees teammates, fellow adventurers, explorers, leaders, military personnel, and innovators. Sagittarian Moon individuals see monks and nuns, teachers, travelers, theologians, translators, scholars, writers, publishers, etc. Now, what each needs to keep in mind is that exciting as it is to meet someone from one's past, it is also important to find out which side one was on since it stands to reason that if one was in combat, there were people fighting each other so the perception of the reasons for the fighting, the interpretation of the battles, and retrospective take on the risks taken for the causes may have been different. It is also possible that the views have not changed much. For instance, there are still rivalries between various Christian sects, not to mention Christian and Islamic rifts. Tracing one's cultural roots back to a common ancestor does not seem to have lessened the tensions so fire nearly always needs to establish who is friend and who is foe. Only rarely is everyone so temperate as to be able to sit down and listen to different sides of the story and agree that tensions are not worth further risks. If one believes strongly in something and is willing to hazard all for that something, it is obviously not going to be easy to change one's opinions. It could happen, but it is not likely unless some air types intercede and try to create more neutral dialogues.

My point here is simply that the most intense experiences for some people were not necessarily familial. For many, the highest achievement in the incarnation came as a result of fulfilling a sense of purpose rather than honoring what we might call traditional obligations to the family and clan. Much depends on the values of the individual and the purpose in life. As someone with a Sagittarian Moon, I have always seen very important relationships to my primary teachers in this and previous incarnations, but I know many with Sagittarian Moons who are desperately afraid of being deceived by false religious teachings, senseless sacrifices, and massive denial of the individual as if it were somehow blocking the ability of the soul to express through the body. If there is no moment of truth at the time of death, I feel certain there will be when crossing over into the next dimension.

Given all the craziness on this Planet, it is easy to understand that most of us have in fact made senseless sacrifices of self. We do this when impulsive and angry or reckless, when we serve our kings rather than our common sense, when we get tangled up in social anomalies such as the Inquisition and Holocaust and massacres of indigenous people and so on and so forth. When we have experiences that are unpleasant, not to mention ones that pull us very far off our spiritual trajectories, we often choose incarnations that will teach us caution or discernment or perhaps the value of something as simple as self or as complex as love. We add to our tasks what we need to master as well as what we need to accomplish.

There are those along the way that we recognize as kindred spirits or special companions. There are always very beautiful links between the horoscopes of such individuals. Then, when we build up enough trust, we can have our lessons mirrored to us by those we have recognized as eternal friends. It does not mean we do not have issues. We are probably all born with our quota of hope and history. We drag that history into most life experiences. Then, when memories of previous incidents are triggered, we unpack our baggage. Since this tends to damage our hope, we need to take time out to process where we are going amok and why.

I am writing this because I know many have had difficulties recently so it helps to be still and reflective. Otherwise, we get tangled up in the reactivity which is invariably uncomfortable. As noted, the feminine is innocent but receptive. This means that when something happens, she absorbs the thrust and this sometimes triggers an avalanche of memories and then, of course, comes the history and litanies of complaints and woes. I am suggesting that instead of running away, we take the time to resolve the issues once and for all. This is very difficult and takes two people, but we will keep repeating and reinfecting our psyches until we shift the dynamics enough to change the scripts.

People are sure to write about what makes for a safe relationship or what the signatures of harmony are. Having a very nice Venus or Jupiter connection to another person really does feel good. Venus usually operates on a more personal level and Jupiter on a wider scale, but both are friendly and necessary to our need for calmness and protection. Trines between the rising signs can be wonderful for joint ventures, everything from marriage to dharma projects. These help the flow and are simpatico. I am not going to go into all the nuts and bolts about communication and intimacy because the topic here is soul mates; however, since I downplayed the likelihood that we all actually have soul mates, I would like to replace that idea with a broader one that includes relationships with people with whom we have great potential for successful joint venturing, whether the ventures are personal, professional, or spiritual.

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