Uranus: Parallels between 2012 and 1928

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Here is my first post for the new year and a fulfillment of a promise to continue drawing parallels that help people to see patterns. All astronomical cycles have features similar to what we readily understand as seasons. We easily grasp the fact that the sun affects temperature and therefore the more we see of it, the warmer it is likely to be. We know that long days with sunlight are good for everything that thrives with warmth such as plant growth whereas shorter days are good for hibernation and perhaps also rest and regeneration. If we take a moment to think about this as well as the fact that balance is crucial to existence, then we also realize that whereas the days and nights are more or less equal in equatorial regions, they are very exaggerated as we move away from the midline to the poles. However, even if we love the midnight sun in the extreme latitudes, we also see that long winters that are dark promote a certain kind of inwardness that includes mystical exploration as well as perhaps travel to places that do not have such long winters. In any event, there is balance because in winter the days are short so in the scope of a year, light and dark are equal . . . as in the tropics.

We easily recognize seasons relating to the Earth's orbit around the Sun but we seldom look at the other cycles with the same intensity of focus . . . so we do not connect the dots. However, we respond to the influences even when not really conscious that we are doing so. It is with this in mind that I want to go into more depth about the present Uranus transit through Aries. I have been talking about this for a couple of years already because Uranus has been moving in and out of Aries since May 2010. Thus, we have already seen some reaction.

Keep in mind that Uranus is the Magician, not the David Copperfield type of magician, but the Cosmic Magician whose task it is to initiate the response of matter to spirit. Some people have belief systems that readily understand these words and others might have thought patterns that intercept the words and block the understanding. In a world dominated by science, the very idea of Divine Intent might be anathema. We try to explain away something something as complex as the entire Universe as a Big Bang, an utterly capricious material event with no purpose and no explanation as to the origin of the substance used to create out of nothingness. Okay, that is my point.

If you can accept something transcendent, i.e. something that exists beyond the limit of the human mind, then Uranus is coordinating that expression, but what exactly does this mean? It means that at the first point where it is possible to sneak a preview, see a glimmer of what is beyond our present level of understanding, Uranus is organizing that which is to be revealed. This means that Uranus works for the Creator and is not a malefic as some astrologers insist. The unwelcome events that are ascribed to Uranus are not due to evil but rather our lack of preparedness and resistance.

Now, let me rewind a bit. If we take any possibility and study it, we see that aside from the sudden stardom of athletes and pop idols and perhaps an occasional politician, most of what is new is resisted, even blocked. Some of the examples I have been using in recent years include the electric car and free energy. Both have been technologically feasible for more than a century so we have to ask why we have telephones and computers but not free energy. Unfortunately, my dots suggest that the reason is the profits and power associated with archaic technologies such as combustion engines and the fuels used for operating them. Free energy would change the power structure, and it would be easy to argue that there is very little separation between that power structure and other problems we face such as war; contaminated food, water, and air; bogus "medicines"; and so on and so forth.

So, if we zoom out on the first rounds of Uranus in Aries, we see WikiLeaks, the Tea Party; Anonymous; the Occupy Movement; and countless crises with currencies and governments. What this suggests is that the momentum is sufficient for change but the resistance is playing out its swan song. For the moment, I do not want to take a position on any of these issues. What I prefer to do is help people to see a pattern, and the method I have always used in teaching situations is to have people map other patterns. Most of us are not 84 years old so we cannot go back to 1928 in our lives; however, we can look at quarter cycles and half cycles, sort of like the equinoctial and solstice points of an 84-year cycle.

My interest in history is not what we would call academic. I told you hated how history was taught in school. Moreover, I now realize that what we were taught is hardly much more reliable than our childhood beliefs in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. The longer I live and the more I probe, the more evident it is that education is just an attempt to control thinking, not a process of encouraging thought.


To look at parallels between 2012 and the previous Uranus cycle, I started only with the point similar to where we are now, i.e., Uranus had finished retrograding into Pisces and was finally in Aries for the duration. This took me to 1928. I tried to limit inquiries to a few main subjects: advances in technology (which are traditionally Uranus-ruled and astrologers actually agree on this) and major changes in the sociopolitical world. I did not try to list new books, films, births and deaths, etc.

Aviation "advances" were major. The first transoceanic flights across the Atlantic and Pacific occurred in 1928.

In film, we saw the introduction of the first all talking movie and the first color film, the first cartoon with sound, and the first Academy Awards. It was also the year of the first color TV broadcast, and, yes, it really did take a long time for the technology to become part of every day living.

It was also the year that the first air conditioners were installed in offices and the advent of sliced bread in the market place. We may take something like that for granted, but when I grew up, I was taught more or less that it is a sin to cut bread. It must be broken so I can imagine there might have been significant religious resistance to such a novelty even though sliced bread is now common place. Given that neither of my parents was pious, I have actually wondered why such a fuss was made over bread, but the advent of sliced bread was still new enough to be controversial. It would be very helpful for those preparing for 2012 just to roll their heads in wonder and not position themselves one way or the other as to whether or not we should now show our respect for Christianity by banning sliced bread.

In the world of medicine, there were two noteworthy events. The first guide dog for the blind was trained and put into service. It was also the year that Alexander Fleming realized that a strain of penicillium was destroying Staphylococcus aureus in petri dishes. It was many more years before the penicillin was developed into an antibiotic, and the Nobel prize was later yet.

Politics is very hard to cover because we should address the entire world, but I haven't got the time for that kind of research. I did however take a look at the U.S. since 1928 was an election year, as was 1844, the previous Uranus cycle.

Hoover won a landslide victory in 1928.

Hoover had an interesting background, first in mining and later in solving the problems of hunger. He was dedicated to eradicating poverty and crime, but the crash of 1929 hit in his first year in office. Hoover tried to change the relationship between government and the private sector. He started by canceling all private oil leases on government land and changed the way some branches of the government operated so that he could go after Al Capone and other gangsters.

A Quaker, Hoover withdrew American troops from Nicaragua and Haiti. The Hoovers had lived in China immediately following their marriage and they both spoke Chinese, especially when they did not want White House staffers to understand what they were discussing between themselves. The President and Mrs. Hoover had been college sweethearts (Stanford University) and world travelers who advocated friendly relations with all. Hoover's vice president was the first Native American to serve in such high office. Curtis was from the Kaw Nation and Hoover sought to bring all races equal opportunity.

Once the Great Depression hit, Hoover negotiated repatriation of half a million foreign laborers who were accused of holding jobs needed by citizens. Tariffs were also raised on imports so as to keep more production on U.S. soil. Okay, anyone who is so motivated can read as much or as little as remains interesting but the parallels are quite interesting. The rule for Uranus is that what happens cannot be predicted. That means that whatever you expect will happen is probably something well within the Ring-Pass-Not and not the new that Uranus is trying to bring forward.

In the next post, I will try to draw some parallels to 1844 because we are talking cycles and it will help tremendously to recognize what a cycle really is.

In the meantime, I wish you all a blessed year.


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